Samothrace, Greece

Stars on the Moon

Astrowaker | Stars on the Μoon is an allegory about the Constellation of Astrowalker, a story of dislocation and reappearance.

Stars self-exiled from their birth place, their nebula, to become one with the rest of the sky stars. While they were walking around, they discovered a path at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, at the foot of the mountain Saos. In order to seem like they elevate, they set in position of a bird, with sideways tilt on the Moon and direction the mountaintop, waiting for sun to set and earth to turn into sky.

Astrowalker’s Constellation is a bird-man with dimensions 600x450m. It is shaped by 11 solar lights in the landscape and it appears after the sun set

Astrowalker’s Constellation | Stars on the Moon, 2019, Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace, Land art night installation, 11 solar lights, dimensions 600x450m

Astrowalker’s Nebula is a pebble mosaic floor with dimensions 3x3m. Pebbles with their rhythm constructs an imaginary place where the stars are born.

Astrowalker’s Nebula, 2019, Samothrace’s forest, floor mosaic pebbles, dimensions 3x3m

Astrostones are the Astrowalker’s 11 dislocated stars
Stars on the Moon| Astrostone, 2019, painting on glass stone, dimensions 20x25x30cm

Credits: Pythagoras Chatziandreou, Yannis Skourtis

The land art Astrowalker's Constellation is formed by 11 solar lights with dimensions 600x450m. Astrowalker’s Nebula is a pebble mosaic floor with dimensions 3x3m.

The works were created in Samothrace for the project ELECTRIS I How to think like a mountain, curated by Dimitra Tsiaouskoglou with the support of the NEON organisation. The work Astrowalker’s Constellation was authorised and supervised by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage Ephorate of Antiquities of Evros Greece.