Horseman/Constellation Horseman

Land Art Horseman/Constellation Horseman with dimensions 25x18x1 m. implemented from June 29th to July 1st 2012, at the Gorge of Aggitis, in North Greece. This rock-anaglyph Land art consists of 80 tons of white limestone marble mined in the area and 28 solar lighting. Horseman | Constellation Horseman has as reference the primitive and the nature, where the landscape is included directly as an integral piece of the art work. In 2010 a research program took place in Philippi for the study of prehistoric rock art, from the Tras- os-Montes e AltoDouro University and the Geosciences Centre, University of Coimbra, Portugal, in collaboration with the 2nd Laboratory of Painting of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts, School of Fine Arts, AUTH. Through that collaboration a project team was created by the two universities with thematic developers the rock art researcher Giorgos Iliadis and the artist Katerina Kotsala.

Horseman/Constellation Horseman (E-book)

Constellation Horseman, June 2012, dimensions 24x18x1m, 33 solar lights, location Aggitis Gorge, Greece, team project

Horseman, June 2012, dimensions 24x18x1m, 80 tons of white limestone, location Aggitis Gorge, Greece, team project

Aerial photo of Horseman, Gorge of Aggitis, Greece

credits Dimitra Samara