Fantasmagoria is about the activation of simple, cheap materials through light refraction, having as result the construction of a non cosmic visual stimulus born from light. The materials that used to enhance refraction are PVC, plexi glass, plastic bags and handmade glass-fusing. Fictional worlds are created. Utopian places with no time and space, where the connection between the sensate world and the world of ideas grows.

Fantasmagoria, 2015, video projection, oil on PVC and plexi glass, plastic bags, glass-fusing, flashlights, 350x500x300cm

Landscape archive, 2015, 20 plastic bags, oil on PVC, handmade glass-fusing, flashlights, 300x220x30cm

Phantasm #11, 2015, oil on PVC, 70x100X50cm

PHANTASMAGORIA, 2015, video duration 00:01:13

SEA(Y)LON, 2015, video duration 00:01:52

DIAMONDS, 2015, video duration 00:00:40

NAYLON//AYLON, 2015, video duration 00:00:33